Nadir Tosyali

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The Currarino syndrome is a rare triad that is a combination of a presacral mass, a congenital sacral bony abnormality and an anorectal malformation. We present 4 children with complete Currarino triad who were diagnosed using MRI. Our aim was to report the neurosurgical management of Currarino syndrome in children. All of the patients had chronic(More)
Spleen produces specific antibodies and filters out encapsulated organisms and, therefore, is important in protecting the body against infection. On the other hand, splenectomy is a widely used therapeutic modality in the management of a variety of hematological disorders. The current surgical options for this purpose include not only the novel modalities(More)
Waardenburg's syndrome is characterized by a broad nasal root, pigmentation disturbance and congenital deafness while aganglionosis is described as the partial or complete lack of ganglion cells in the alimentary tract. This report describes a five-day-old male infant with Waardenburg's syndrome associated with total aganglionosis of the colon, ileum and(More)
Eleven fetuses and 9 newborns were examined for sensory innervation of the anorectal area. The specimens were obtained immediately after death and were stained by the modified Gross silver impregnation method and examined with a light microscope. The perianal skin and rectal mucosa did not differ in either group. The anal canals of the fetuses had numerous(More)
Objective: The aim is to assess the rate of coexistence of renal and cardiac anomalies in children with isolated preauricular tags and to determine whether routine evaluation for such associated malformations is warranted. Methods: All children presented to the outpatients clinic with the complaint of isolated preauricular tag were prospectively included in(More)
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