Nadir N . Charniya

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The Multi-layer Perceptron Neural Networks (MLP NN) are well known for their simplicity, ease of training for small-scale problems, and suitability for online implementation. This paper presents the methodology and challenges in the design of near-optimal MLP NN based classifier with maximize classification accuracy under the constraints of minimum network(More)
The need for intelligent tools for all stages of a product's lifecycle is becoming increasingly important with the increasing system complexity, shorter product life cycles, lower production costs, and changing technologies. This paper is a brief review of the features such as characteristic linearization, curve fitting, auto-calibration and fault diagnosis(More)
Cryptography is a technique to make information unreadable for unauthorized users. Today, building a secure channel is one of the most challenging areas for research in communication systems. Many forms of public key cryptography are available, but it requires more complex techniques and needs more computational power. This paper aims at implementation of(More)
Cryptography is a skill of sending the data in such a form that only those for whom it is intended can read it. There are number of methods to perform cryptography, one of such methods is Chaos theory which studies the behavior of a dynamical systems that are highly sensitive to initial conditions. Even slight changes in initial conditions result in(More)
Artificial Neural networks are a major soft-computing technology. Multi-layer perceptron network with back propagation training algorithm, are used in various scientific and engineering areas. In order to enhance the ability of data interpretation and to provide better solutions for some applications, artificial neural networks are integrated with fuzzy(More)
Spoken words recognition provides applications like spoken commands recognitions in robotics command, speech based number dialing for phones and mobiles, etc. It also provides applications in railway and banking areas. This work aims at designing of optimal Multilayer Perceptron Neural Network (MLP NN) based classifiers for speaker dependent spoken digits(More)
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