Nadir K. Salih

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Autonomic computing is a computing system that can manage itself by self-configuration, self-healing, self-optimizing and self-protection. Researchers have been emphasizing the strong role that multi agent systems can play progressively towards the design and implementation of complex autonomic systems. The important of autonomic computing is to create(More)
Cloud computing is a new technology widely studied in recent years. Now there are many cloud platforms both in industry and in academic circle. How to understand and use these platforms is a big issue. A detailed comparison has been presented in this paper focused on the aspects such as the architecture, characteristics, application and so on. To know the(More)
The main goal of autonomic computing is to make the software systems able to manage themselves and minimize the human intervention. Various methods have been used to implement autonomic computing. This research focused on one of the autonomic computing characteristic which is self-optimization. The research tried to implement self-optimization system that(More)
This paper examines automated iris recognition as a biometrically based technology for personal identification and verification. Although numerous iris recognition algorithms have been proposed, this paper define the texture of irises have not been extensively studied. In this paper, to localize the iris we used canny edge detection algorithm and circular(More)
The continuously rising costs in healthcare, the growing size of the population who will need healthcare services, and the rise of expectations regarding the quality of healthcare services all create a high need for new approaches to reduce healthcare costs with good management. In this paper we focus on design an autonomic cloud environment to help(More)
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