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Power semiconductor components with high switching speed are widely used in static converters. However, they produce conducted electromagnetic interferences in high frequencies. Filters are one solution for reducing the conducted emissions. However, the parasitic elements of the passive components in the EMI filter deteriorate its performances. In this(More)
In adjustable speed drive (ASD) applications, most cables connecting the electronic voltage source to the AC-motor are multi-wire and shielded. The various inductive and capacitive effects are at the origin of high frequency phenomena that require models with distributed parameters as in transmission lines. From curves showing the evolution of the cable(More)
In adjustable speed drive applications, the switching of the inverter semiconductors generates common mode currents as well as harmful overvoltages on the motor terminals when long cables are used. Consequently, bulky and expensive input and output filters must be used. This work aims at reducing these disturbances from their origin by using a three-level(More)
Pulsewidth-modulated (PWM) voltage-source inverters are known to provoke high-frequency disturbances in motor-drive applications, particularly when long cables are used. Indeed, the parasitic elements of the cable, along with steep voltage transitions due to semiconductor switchings, are responsible for the conducted electromagnetic emissions and high(More)
In recent years, design and service evolution in electric distribution networks are mainly guided by the increasing in the customer consumption and the emergence of new sources and loads such as renewable energy, electric and hybrids vehicles. The lack of control over these new constraints in the future may lead to technical and financial problems.(More)
Two current probes, based on the current injection method, are designed with appropriated high frequency magnetic material. These probes are used to measure the common-mode impedance of power converters in real-operating conditions. The characterization of this impedance is of importance for the EMI filter design. In this paper, a simple formulation of the(More)
The characterization of voltage-dependent capacitances of power semiconductor devices is very important for modeling their dynamic performances. A measurement method using multiple current probes has been proposed to characterize inter-electrode capacitances of power devices. The advantage of this method is that it can isolate the measurement devices from(More)
This paper presents a method to improve EMI filters performances, based on the optimization of the component layout. It's well known that the EMI filter insertion losses are highly degraded by the high frequency stray couplings between filter passive components. The latter can be reduced by acting on these components' placement. This paper proposes a method(More)
The electrical power aboard aircraft tends to increase thanks to the progress in switched-mode power converters. The generalization of the use of power converters leads to EMI issues. The EMC standards compliance is often obtained by adding an EMI filter after a measurement on a prototype. Since prototyping is costly and time consuming, it is interesting to(More)