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Eagle's syndrome, also known as elongated styloid process, is a condition that may be the source of craniofacial and cervical pain. It is infrequently reported but is probably more common than generally considered. The symptoms related to Eagle's syndrome can be confused with those attributed to a wide variety of facial neuralgias and/or oral, dental and(More)
Familial multiple-level intestinal atresia is a rare syndrome with autosomal recessive inheritance. Only a few well-documented families have been reported in the medical literature. In this article two new cases from a consanguineous couple are presented. These are the first reported cases of Familial Intestinal Polyatresia Syndrome from Turkey. The(More)
A patient with enzymatically proven Sanfilippo disease type B is presented. This type of mucopolysaccharidosis results from deficient o-N-acetylglucosaminidase activity leading to defective degradation of heparan sulphate. As this disease is associated with high morbidity and mortality, different therapeutic approaches are under investigation. Bone marrow(More)
The use of rigid fixation in children is controversial and may cause growth retardation along cranial suture lines. Intermaxillary fixation for mandibular fractures should be used cautiously as bony ankylosis in the temporomandibular joint (TMJ) and trismus may develop. The high osteogenic potential of the pediatric mandible allows non-surgical management(More)
Acute lymphoblastic leukemia with Burkitt-type cells (L3 ALL) was described in 1975. This disease accounts for 1-3 % of all cases of acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL) (4). The initial general features consist of anemia, fever, bleeding tendency, pain, splenomegaly and lymphadenopathy accompanied with fatigue. In some rare cases, the initial diagnosis can(More)
A four-month-old female infant having developmental delay, coarse facial features and dysostosis multiplex is reported with a special emphasis on the differential diagnosis among I-cell disease (ICD). Hurler syndrome and GM1 gangliosidosis. The lysosomal enzyme studies in cultured skin fibroblasts and serum sample of the patient certified the diagnosis of(More)
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