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OBJECTIVES Although the current surgical approach of tetralogy of Fallot (TOF) is primary complete repair in infancy, late diagnosis and lack of surgical facilities in developing countries may delay surgical treatment. Some of these patients exposed to prolonged chronic hypoxaemia are transferred to more privileged countries to undergo surgical repair with(More)
Shock after protamine infusion are rare. We report here the case of a 6-day-old boy having presented severe and recurring hypotensions after protamine infusions during cardiac surgery under cardio pulmonary bypass. The physiopathology of these reactions is complex and, in the presented case, involved mechanism may not be anaphylactic.
OBJECTIVE To assesses the results of our education program relative to anticoagulation therapy and self-monitoring of INR. MATERIALS AND METHODS All children treated with oral anticoagulation therapy and followed using INR self-monitoring in Tours and Nantes, France, were included. A questionnaire on the treatment and its management was sent to the(More)
Perinatal asphyxia is a common emergency for both obstetricians and pediatricians. A prospective study was conducted in 14 maternity hospitals (type II centres) in the Paris suburbs in order to assess pediatric activity and neonatal morbidity associated with supposed perinatal asphyxia in term newborns. Pediatricians were called in at birth very frequently:(More)
We report a child and her mother affected by Marfan syndrome. The child presented with a phenotype of neonatal Marfan syndrome, revealed by acute and refractory heart failure, finally leading to death within the first 4 months of life. Her mother had a common clinical presentation. Genetic analysis revealed an inherited FBN1 mutation. This intronic mutation(More)
BACKGROUND Macrosomia and hypertrophic cardiomyopathy are two features often associated in neonates of diabetic mothers. We report the cases of three patients with severe macrosomia and critical hypertrophic cardiomyopathy without severely unbalanced maternal diabetes. Only three patients with those two features and no uncontrolled maternal diabetes have(More)
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