Nadine Urban

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Increasing cellular glucose uptake is a fundamental concept in treatment of type 2 diabetes, whereas nutritive calorie restriction increases life expectancy. We show here that increased glucose availability decreases Caenorhabditis elegans life span, while impaired glucose metabolism extends life expectancy by inducing mitochondrial respiration. The histone(More)
Most known members of the MAGE superfamily are expressed in tumors, testis and fetal tissues, which has been described as a cancer/testis or "CT" expression pattern. We have identified a novel member of this superfamily, MAGE-F1, which is expressed in all adult and fetal tissues tested. In addition to normal tissues, MAGE-F1 is expressed in many tumor types(More)
Ageing has been defined as a global decline in physiological function depending on both environmental and genetic factors. Here we identify gene transcripts that are similarly regulated during physiological ageing in nematodes, zebrafish and mice. We observe the strongest extension of lifespan when impairing expression of the branched-chain amino acid(More)
The redox environment in cells and organisms is set by low-molecular mass and protein-bound thiols, with glutathione (GSH) representing a major intracellular redox buffer. Subtle thiol oxidation elicits signal transduction processes and adaptive responses to cope with stressors, whereas highly oxidizing conditions may provoke cell death. We here tested how(More)
Diethyl maleate (DEM) is a thiol-depleting agent frequently employed in cell culture analyses. Here, we investigated the effect of DEM exposure on insulin signaling at the level of FoxO transcription factor activity and its potential consequences for stress resistance and life span. Exposure of HepG2 human hepatoma cells to subcytotoxic concentrations of(More)
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