Nadine Tupaika

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Besides the well-known cardiac risk factors for schizophrenia, increasing concerns have been raised regarding the cardiac side-effects of antipsychotic medications. A bivariate analysis of autonomic regulation, based on cardiovascular coupling, can provide additional information about heart rate (HR) and blood pressure regulatory patterns within the complex(More)
Monitoring the depth of anesthesia (DOA) is necessary in order to decrease the incident of awareness in anesthesia and to prevent delays in the recovery phase. In the last decades a number of noninvasive methods have been proposed for the analysis of the electroencephalogram (EEG) for monitoring DOA. The objective of this work was to apply auto mutual(More)
Methodologies based on symbolic dynamics have successfully demonstrated to reflect the nonlinear behavior of biological signals. In the present study, symbolic dynamics was applied to the electroencephalogram (EEG) in order to describe the level of depth of anesthesia. The EEG was transformed to symbol sequences. Words of three symbols were built from this(More)
Health is one of the most important non-material assets and thus also has an enormous influence on material values, since treating and preventing diseases is expensive. The number one cause of death worldwide today originates in cardiovascular diseases. For these reasons the aim of understanding the functions and the interactions of the cardiovascular(More)
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