Nadine Schumann

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The F-box protein superfamily represents one of the largest families in the plant kingdom. F-box proteins phylogenetically organize into numerous subfamilies characterized by their carboxyl (C)-terminal protein-protein interaction domain. Among the largest F-box protein subfamilies in plant genomes are those with C-terminal kelch repeats. In this study, we(More)
The G subunit of V-ATPases is a soluble subunit that shows homology with the b subunit of F-ATPases and may be part of the "stator" stalk connecting the peripheral V(1) and membrane V(0) sectors. When the N-terminal half of the G subunit is modeled as an alpha helix, most of the conserved residues fall on one face of the helix (Hunt, I. E., and Bowman, B.(More)
F-box proteins (FBPs) represent one of the largest and fastest evolving gene/protein families in the plant kingdom. The FBP superfamily can be divided in several subfamilies characterized by different C-terminal protein-protein interaction domains that recruit targets for proteasomal degradation. Hence, a clear picture of their phylogeny and molecular(More)
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