Nadine Ruda

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Dielectric-air structure located between ideal metal plates is analyzed. It is shown that efficient mechanical alteration of propagation constant in this structure could be achieved only for those modes with non-zero component of electrical field perpendicular to border between dielectric and air. Scattering problem for the structure was reduced by partial(More)
In Germany, a growing number of universities begin to explore their neighborhoods, engaging in partnerships with community organisations and involving students in service learning and civic engagement activities. Across regions practitioners gain experience in the design and promotion of community-based teaching approaches. In order to meet future(More)
Experiments in vivo have shown that introduction of quercetin leads to the decrease of microsomal oxidation intensity and makes more active the enzymes responsible for creation of conjugates in cytosolic and microsomal fractions of the animal liver. It is supposed that such an action of flavonoid is justified for the latter to be used as a method for(More)
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