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A series of experiments was performed to determine whether long-term habituation of the acoustic startle response in rats is mediated by conditioned associations between contextual cues and the test stimulus. Experiment 1 established parameters yielding demonstrable long-term habituation of the startle response. Experiment 2 attempted to overshadow the(More)
BACKGROUND Many people with HIV are undiagnosed. Early diagnosis saves lives and reduces onward transmission. We assessed whether an education programme promoting rapid HIV testing in general practice would lead to increased and earlier HIV diagnosis. METHODS In this cluster randomised controlled trial in Hackney (London, UK), general practices were(More)
Female rats were maintained on either a High Sucrose or High Glucose diet during gestation and lactation. Their pups were continued on the same diet as their dam until they were 42 days of age; thereafter all animals were maintained on laboratory chow. From 21-84 days of age, each rat was given a weekly two-choice preference test between the High Sucrose(More)
Water-deprived rats given fixed-electrode, variable-intensity tailshock at random times rated each trial by pressing either a "high-aversiveness" or "low-aversiveness" lever in order to obtain water. Trials on which a warning signal preceded tailshock resulted in more "high-aversiveness" leverpressing than did otherwise equivalent unsignaled trials. The(More)
Homeless people have complex problems. GP enhanced care (Pathway) has shown benefits. We performed a randomised, -parallel arm trial at two large inner city hospitals. Inpatient homeless adults were randomly allocated to either standard care (all management by the hospital-based clinical team) or enhanced care with input from a homeless care team. The(More)
PREP (Prediction of risks in early onset pre-eclampsia) is a multicentre prospective cohort study aiming to develop and validate a prediction model in women admitted with early-onset pre-eclampsia for risk of adverse maternal outcome at 48 hours and until discharge. The primary outcome was a composite of adverse maternal outcomes and the secondary outcome a(More)
BACKGROUND Short telomeres are associated with chronic disease and early mortality. Recent studies in adults suggest an association between telomere length and exposure to particulate matter, and that ethnicity may modify the relationship. However associations in children are unknown. OBJECTIVES We examined associations between air pollution and telomere(More)