Nadine Kempe

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At the first gate of an innovation process, a large number of raw ideas must be evaluated and those good enough to continue to the next phase be selected. No information about these ideas is available, so they have a high level of uncertainty. We present an algorithm that selects and ranks a set of alternatives in optimal time. The algorithm addresses(More)
At the first gate of an innovation process, a group of experts has to partition a large number of illdefined ideas into two sets: those that are to remain under consideration and those that are to be eliminated. We propose a collaborative algorithm to perform this task which is based on a method used in computer-based sorting. The design goal of our(More)
As is known, compounds belonging to -piperidones serve as starting compounds for the highly effective synthetic analgesics promedol [1] and prosidol [2], for local anesthetics, and for the antiarrhythmogens richlocaine (1-allyl-2,5dimethyl-4-benzoyloxypiperidine hydrochloride) [3] and kazcaine (1-(2-ethoxyethyl)-4-ethinyl-4-benzoyloxypiperidine(More)
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