Nadine Haschar-Noé

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BACKGROUND The failure to simultaneously address two objectives (increasing the average health of the population and reducing health inequalities) may have led to what has been observed in France so far: an overall decrease in mortality and increase in inequality. OBJECTIVE The Apprendre et Agir pour Réduire les Inégalités Sociales de Santé (AAPRISS)(More)
When drawing up the portrait of "urban figures of public health", in 1998, Didier Fassin considered Toulouse to be one of the worthy "local experiments". Fifteen years after his precursory work, the recently developed local public policy against health social differences gives an opportunity to question ourselves about the effectiveness of such a quality(More)
OBJECTIVE The AAPRISS intervention-research program (Apprendre et Agir Pour Réduire les Inégalités Sociales de Santé) aims to change prevention projects to improve the extent to which they take health inequalities into account. The goal is to assess a project's feasibility and its acceptability, from the viewpoint of the sponsors of the project in question,(More)
Inspired by the Hygienist Movement, which associates good health with regular, moderate exercise, the National Health and Nutrition Program identifies a lack of physical activity as a risk factor for many chronic diseases. As such, the Program encourages people to take care of their bodies by inciting a moral obligation to develop a physically active(More)
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