Nadine G Barlow

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[1] We report on the results of a survey to document and characterize pedestal craters on Mars equatorward of $60°N and 65°S latitude. The identification of 2696 pedestal craters reveals a strong latitude dependence, with the vast majority found poleward of 33°N and 40°S. This latitudinal extent is correlated with many climate indicators consistent with the(More)
Mid-latitude pedestal craters on Mars offer crucial insights into the timing and extent of widespread ice-rich deposits during the Amazonian period. Our previous comprehensive analysis of pedestal craters strongly supports a climate-related formation mechanism, whereby pedestals result from impacts into ice-rich material at mid latitudes during periods of(More)
[1] Pedestal craters on Mars are defined by an outward-facing scarp forming a plateau perched tens of meters above the surrounding terrain. Their origin has been attributed to impact armoring of the surface and subsequent removal of inter-crater terrain by either eolian deflation or sublimation of an ice-rich substrate. We identified 2696 pedestal craters(More)
A committee of the Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) has reviewed and updated the description of Special Regions on Mars as places where terrestrial organisms might replicate (per the COSPAR Planetary Protection Policy). This review and update was conducted by an international team (SR-SAG2) drawn from both the biological science and Mars(More)
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