Nadine Fainguem

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The testing of dried blood spots (DBSs) for human immunodeficiency type 1 (HIV-1) proviral DNA by PCR is a technology that has proven to be particularly valuable in diagnosing exposed infants. We implemented this technology for HIV-1 early infant diagnosis (EID) and HIV-1 RNA viral load determination in infants born of HIV-1-seropositive mothers from remote(More)
Methods Areas containing both promiscuous HLA-class I and II epitopes covering more than 90% of the HLA haplotypes present in the African population were identified within the most HIV-1 conserved sequence of each protein. Twenty-three peptides have been designed targeting gag (10), nef (6), tat (4), vpr (2) and vpu (1) proteins. We enrolled 33 children(More)
OBJECTIVE/BACKGROUND Tuberculosis (TB) is a re-emerging disease with the advent of human immunodeficiency virus/AIDS infections. Discovered in 1959, diagnosed by various approaches and treated with antibiotics, the treatment of TB infection still poses public health concerns. Many cases of resistance and cross-resistance are observed. Diagnosis by culture,(More)
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