Nadine De Decker

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Vacuole biogenesis depends on specific targeting and retention of peripheral membrane proteins. At least three palmitoylated proteins are found exclusively on yeast vacuoles: the fusion factor Vac8, the kinase Yck3, and a novel adaptor protein implicated in microautophagy, Meh1. Here, we analyze the role that putative acyltransferases of the DHHC family(More)
Formica polyctena antidiuretic factor (FopADF) was purified from a 15% trifluoroacetic acid (TFA) extract of the abdomens of 150,000 worker ants. After solid phase extraction of the crude extract and reversed-phase HPLC on two C 18 columns, an antidiuretic factor was isolated. Tested at a concentration of 1.0 ant-equivalents/µl (ant-eq/µl), the factor(More)
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