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This work analyzes the radio frequency (RF) performance of 60-nm gate length finFETs, for which the DC behavior exhibits reduced SCE. The RF analysis is carried out as a function of the gate length as well as the fin width (W<sub>fin</sub>). Cut off frequencies (f<sub>t</sub>, f <sub>max</sub>) on the order of 100 GHz are reported for the first time. It is(More)
We report on spectroscopy of a single dopant atom in silicon by resonant tunneling between source and drain of a gated nanowire etched from silicon on insulator. The electronic states of this dopant isolated in the channel appear as resonances in the low temperature conductance at energies below the conduction band edge. We observe the two possible charge(More)
To cope with the growing needs in research towards the understanding of cellular function and network dynamics, advanced micro-electrode arrays (MEAs) based on integrated complementary metal oxide semiconductor (CMOS) circuits have been increasingly reported. Although such arrays contain a large number of sensors for recording and/or stimulation, the size(More)
—Comparison of digital and analog figures-of-merit of FinFETs and planar bulk MOSFETs reveals an interesting trade-off in the analog/RF design space. It is found that FinFETs possess the following key advantages over bulk MOSFETs: reduced leakage , excellent subthreshold slope, and better voltage gain without degradation of noise or linearity. This makes(More)
Ultra-scaled FinFET transistors bear unique fingerprint-like device-to-device differences attributed to random single impurities. Through correlation of experimental data with multimillion atom simulations in NEMO 3-D, we can identify the impurity's chemical species and determine their concentration, local electric field and depth below the Si/SiO 2(More)
—The noise in n-channel bulk MuGFETs with 2.5 nm SiON gate dielectric is reported. It is shown that besides number fluctuations-related 1/f noise often Generation-Recombination (GR) noise is observed. From a detailed study of the fin length and width dependence it is concluded that the GR noise preferentially occurs for short and wide transistors. The(More)
The investigation of complex communication in cellular networks requires superior measurement tools than those available to date. Electrode arrays integrated onto silicon electronics are increasingly used to measure the electrical activity of cells in an automated and highly parallelized fashion, but they are restricted to recording extracellular(More)
Abstract—We study RTN and PBTI in nanoscale InGaAs FinFETs fabricated on 300mm Si wafers. The average instability is found to be comparable to planar structures, but significantly larger when compared to Si devices. Although the novel devices follow the same time-dependent variability statistics and the corresponding area-scaling as their Si counterparts, a(More)
We present atomistic simulations of the D 0 to D − charging energies of a gated donor in silicon as a function of applied fields and donor depths and find good agreement with experimental measurements. A self-consistent field large-scale tight-binding method is used to compute the D − binding energies with a domain of over 1.4 million atoms, taking into(More)