Nadine Bandorf

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CONTEXT Sleep loss has immediate effects on metabolic function that in the long run may contribute to the development of obesity and type 2 diabetes. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to explore the neuroendocrine mechanisms mediating the acute effects of sleep deprivation on blood glucose regulation under basal and hypoglycemic conditions. METHODS In a(More)
Revision hip arthroplasty is associated with higher morbidity post-operatively than primary surgery. We reviewed data on 102 consecutive patients (124 procedures) undergoing revision hip arthroplasty by a single surgeon from January 2005 to June 2009 in 2 institutions. Indications of failure: 62% aseptic loosening, 15% infection, 11.5% fracture, 10.6%(More)
INTRODUCTION Sleep deprivation (SD) impairs neurocognitive functions. Assuming that this effect is mediated by reduced cerebral glucose supply due to prolonged wakefulness inducing a progressive depletion of cerebral glycogen stores, we hypothesized that short-term sleep loss amplifies the deteriorating effects of acute hypoglycemia on neurocognitive(More)
1 of 2 DESCRIPTION A young adult, presents to the emergency department with unilateral heel pain on-going for 4 years, with no history of trauma, getting worse in the last months. The pain felt was sharp, aching, with moderate severity, localised over the plantar area of the heel, worse during/after training or other strenuous activities involving that(More)
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