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It is well established that the aging heart exhibits left ventricular (LV) diastolic dysfunction and changes in mechanical properties, which are thought to be due to alterations in the extracellular matrix. We tested the hypothesis that the mechanical properties of cardiac myocytes significantly change with aging, which could contribute to the global(More)
We experimentally study the transient clustering behavior of viable yeast cells in a dilute suspension suddenly subjected to a nonuniform alternating current (AC) electric field of a microelectrode device. The frequency of the applied electric field is varied to identify two distinct regimes of positive dielectrophoresis. In both regimes, the yeast cells(More)
Based on the transport model of Sorensen et al. [1, 2], an improved mathematical model describing the process of thrombus deposition and growth was developed. Blood is treated as a multi-constituent mixture comprised of a linear fluid phase and a thrombus phase. The transport and reactions of 10 chemical and biological species are modeled using a system of(More)
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