Nadine A. Nassif

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The encapsulation of enzymes within silica gels has been extensively studied during the past decade for the design of biosensors and bioreactors. Yeast spores and bacteria have also been recently immobilized within silica gels where they retain their enzymatic activity, but the problem of the long-term viability of whole cells in an inorganic matrix has(More)
The involvement of collagen in bone biomineralization is commonly admitted, yet its role remains unclear. Here we show that type I collagen in vitro can initiate and orientate the growth of carbonated apatite mineral in the absence of any other vertebrate extracellular matrix molecules of calcifying tissues. We also show that the collagen matrix influences(More)
Determining whether a tumor exhibits microsatellite instability (MSI) is useful in identifying patients with hereditary non-polyposis colorectal cancer and sporadic gastrointestinal cancers with defective DNA mismatch repair (MMR). The assessment of MSI status aids in establishing a clinical prognosis and may be predictive of tumor response to chemotherapy.(More)
It is well known that organic molecules from the vertebrate extracellular matrix of calcifying tissues are essential in structuring the apatite mineral. Here, we show that water also plays a structuring role. By using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance, wide-angle X-ray scattering and cryogenic transmission electron microscopy to characterize the(More)
For protein microarrays, maintaining protein stability during the slide processing steps of washing, drying, and storage is of major concern. Although several studies have focused on the stability of immobilized antibodies in antibody microarrays, studies on protein-protein interaction arrays and enzyme arrays are lacking. In this paper we used five(More)
We reveal that the aragonite CaCO3 platelets in nacre of Haliotis laevigata are covered with a continuous layer of disordered amorphous CaCO3 and that there is no protein interaction with this layer. This finding contradicts classical paradigms of biomineralization, e.g., an epitaxial match between the structural organic matrix and the formed mineral. This(More)
This critical review shows that diatoms can be a source of inspiration for the synthesis of advanced nanostructured biohybrids. These single cell microalgae are living inside a porous silica shell called 'frustule'. Mimicking this model, silica-based biohybrids have been produced via the so-called sol-gel process. Biomolecules such as proteins, enzymes or(More)
Multiplex human short tandem repeat analysis demands reliable DNA quantification to consistently produce interpretable genotypes. The Plexor HY System is a multiplex quantitative PCR assay to quantify total human and male DNA. We performed developmental validation of the Plexor HY System to demonstrate the performance capabilities and limitations of the(More)
Several naturally occurring biological materials, including bones and teeth, pathological calcifications, microbial mineral deposits formed in marine phosphogenesis areas, as well as bio-inspired cements used for bone and tooth repair are composed of Ca-phosphates. These materials are usually identified and characterized using bulk-scale analytical tools(More)