Nadimul Faisal

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The failure of an orthopaedic implant can be initiated by residual strain inherent to the hydroxyapatite coating (HAC). Knowledge of the through-thickness residual strain profile in the thermally sprayed hydroxyapatite coating/substrate system is therefore important in the development of a new generation of orthopaedic implants. As the coating(More)
The ENGIN-X beamline is mainly used to determine residual strains/stresses deep within the interior of bulk engineering components. It is mainly used by scientists and engineers for the development of modern engineering processes and structural integrity investigations. ENGIN-X diffraction and transmission mode can be a very useful tool to measure strain,(More)
The risk assessment, exposure and understanding of the release of embedded carbon nanotubes (CNTs) and carbon nanofibers (CNFs) from commercial high performance composites during machining processes are yet to be fully evaluated and quantified. In this study, CNTs and CNFs were dispersed in epoxy matrix through calendaring process to form nanocomposites.(More)
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