Nadime Francis

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Since navigational aspects of XPath correspond to first-order definability, it has been proposed to use the analogy with the very successful technique of translating LTL into automata, and produce efficient translations of XPath queries into automata on unranked trees. These translations can then be used for a variety of reasoning tasks such as XPath(More)
We consider the view-based query determinacy problem over graph databases for queries defined as unions of path queries. These queries select pairs of nodes in a graph that are connected through a path whose length falls in a given set. A view specification is a set of such queries. We say that a view specification V determines a query Q if, for all(More)
We consider query answering using views on graph databases, i.e. databases structured as edge-labeled graphs. We mainly consider views and queries specified by Regular Path Queries (RPQ). These are queries selecting pairs of nodes in a graph database that are connected via a path whose sequence of edge labels belongs to some regular language. We say that a(More)
Schema mappings are a fundamental concept in data integration and exchange, and they have been thoroughly studied in different data models. For graph data, however, mappings have been studied in a restricted context that, unlike real-life graph databases, completely disregards the data they store. Our main goal is to understand query answering under graph(More)
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