Nadilein Mahlberg

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BACKGROUND Children with developmental coordination disorder have been found to be less likely to participate in physical activities and therefore may be at increased risk of overweight and obesity. We examined the longitudinal course of relative weight and waist circumference among school-aged children with and without possible developmental coordination(More)
Physical activity (PA) is compromised in children and adolescents with developmental coordination disorder (DCD). Approximately half of all children with DCD suffer from attention-deficit hyperactive disorder (ADHD); a cohort often considered more physically active than typically developing youth. Accelerometry is an effective method of assessing physical(More)
Patient or client-centered care has been widely accepted as an essential component of health care delivery in many countries. Few studies explore actual implementation of client-centered principles and clients' and health care providers' (HCPs) experiences with these approaches. Our objective was to explore current models of delivery of rehabilitation(More)
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