Nadica Miljkovic

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We present a method for assessing muscle activation patterns during goal-directed movement. We present a cohort study from a randomized clinical trial that followed the recovery of motor function during and after intensive gait training, assisted by sensor-driven, four-channel electrical stimulation. The instrument that we developed allows for the(More)
Independent Component Analysis (ICA) is becoming an accepted technique for artifact removal. Nevertheless, there is no consensus about appropriate methods for different applications. This study presents a comparison of common ICA methods: RobustICA, SOBI, JADE, and BSS-CCA, for extraction of ECG artifacts from EEG signal. Algorithms were applied to the data(More)
The cost of the medical treatment of low back pain (LBP) was estimated to be $24 billion in the early 90s. Also, 80% of the LBP is estimated to be due to poor or inappropriate posture. The ultimate goal of the project is to develop a surface electromyography (sEMG)-based device that could be used to prevent and treat LBP by postural re-education or simply(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVE New aspects for automatic electrocardiography artifact removal from surface electromyography signals by application of fractional order calculus in combination with linear and nonlinear moving window filters are explored. Surface electromyography recordings of skeletal trunk muscles are commonly contaminated with spike shaped(More)
BACKGROUND The main clinical measures of walking recovery in stroke patients were compared for training assisted by Walkaround® postural support (WPS) and conventional (CON) support by a cane/therapist. OBJECTIVE We attributed the differences between the trainings to modified muscular synergies that occurred during assistance by WPS. METHODS We studied(More)
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