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Polymyxin-B hemoperfusion in septic patients: analysis of a multicenter registry
BackgroundIn 2010, the EUPHAS 2 collaborative group created a registry with the purpose of recording data from critically ill patients suffering from severe sepsis and septic shock treated withExpand
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ESICM LIVES 2016: part one
Citation for published version (APA): Rasmussen, B. S., Maltesen, R., Hanifa, M., Pedersen, S., Kristensen, S. R., & Wimmer, R. (2016). Metabonomics identifies early molecular changes associated withExpand
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Fatal Septic Shock in a Patient with Hemophagocytic Lymphohistiocytosis Associated with an Infectious Mononucleosis
The authors describe the case of a young woman who developed a clinical pictures resembling a septic shock-related multiple organ dysfunction syndrome a couple of months after having been diagnosedExpand
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Regional citrate-calcium anticoagulation during polymyxin-B hemoperfusion: A case series
Introduction: So far, only heparin-based anticoagulation has been proposed during polymyxin-B hemoperfusion. However, postsurgical septic patients can be at high risk of bleeding due to eitherExpand
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Heatstroke: Clinical Experience from an Italian ICU and Review of the Literature
Objective: to describe the clinical course of patients admitted to our ICU with heat stroke during Summer 2015. Patients and methods: from July, the 1st to August the 15th nine patients were admittedExpand
Fulminant Cerebral Fat Embolism: Case Description and Review of the Literature
The release of fat and bone marrow fragments is a common occurrence following traumatic and nontraumatic events. In most cases, they go symptomless or cause only minor disturbances, but occasionallyExpand
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The Conundrum of Septic Shock Imitators in Patients with Hematologic Cancers: Case Presentation and Possible Differential Diagnoses
The authors describe the case of a patient treated with several cycles of chemotherapy due to an advanced stage non-Hodgkin lymphoma. One daafter the last cycle, he was admitted to our Intensive CareExpand