Nadia Tkach

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Volatile memory forensic tools can extract valuable evidence from latent data structures present in memory dumps. However, current techniques are generally limited by a lack of understanding of the underlying data without the use of expert knowledge. In this paper, we characterize the nature of such evidence by using deep analysis techniques to better(More)
From pertinent investigations it follows that the daily food allowances for young swimmers of the sporting-type boarding school in Alma-Ata fully cover their needs for such main ingredients as protein, fats, carbohydrates and conform to the amount of energy expended by them. One should, however, point out some serious qualitative drawbacks in the dietary of(More)
Questionnaire survey and body mass control followed by computer estimation of the diet chemical composition were conducted in 30 pregnant women in summer and autumn. Deficiency in intake of meat products, vegetable oil, potatoes reached 15.2-34.7, 24.2-55.8, 55-65.7%, respectively, in the trimester I and II. The dietary lack of fish, eggs, vegetables, fruit(More)
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