Nadia Timofeev

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The aim of this study was to characterize the pattern of inspiratory muscle fatigue and to assess the resistance to fatigue of the diaphragm (D), parasternal (PS), sternocleidomastoid (SCM), and scalene (SC) muscles. Nine healthy, untrained male subjects participated in this study. Electromyographic activity (EMG) of D, PS, SCM, and SC was recorded during(More)
BACKGROUND Imputation of missing genotypes is becoming a very popular solution for synchronizing genotype data collected with different microarray platforms but the effect of ethnic background, subject ascertainment, and amount of missing data on the accuracy of imputation are not well understood. RESULTS We evaluated the accuracy of the program IMPUTE to(More)
The availability of affordable high throughput technology for parallel genotyping has opened the field of genetics to genome-wide association studies (GWAS), and in the last few years hundreds of articles reporting results of GWAS for a variety of heritable traits have been published. What do these results tell us? Although GWAS have discovered a few(More)
Population structure occurs when a sample is composed of individuals with different ancestries and can result in excess type I error in genome-wide association studies. Genome-wide principal-component analysis (PCA) has become a popular method for identifying and adjusting for subtle population structure in association studies. Using the Genetic Analysis(More)
Artificial hypobiosis in rats and rabbits was modelled using ornid which caused the blockade of neurotransmitter release from adrenergic neurons. The data obtained corroborated the hypothesis of the mechanisms of chemical thermoregulation as well as new ways of controlling these processes up to their complete blockade by means of decreasing adrenergic(More)
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