Nadia Strappelli

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BACKGROUND How psychiatrists introduce themselves in the first consultation may influence the therapeutic relationship. There is no evidence about what type of introduction patients prefer. AIMS To assess experimentally patients' preferences for how psychiatrists introduce themselves. METHOD Twelve psychiatrists were filmed, each with three different(More)
BACKGROUND Patients seeking treatment may be assumed to prefer a psychiatrist who suggests a new treatment with confidence and optimism. Yet, this might not apply uniformly to all patients. In this study, we tested the hypothesis that new patients prefer psychiatrists who present treatments optimistically, whilst patients with longer-term experience of(More)
BACKGROUND Social relations can be measured through: a) objective indicators, i.e. the number of social contacts in a given time interval or b) subjective indicators, i.e. feelings of loneliness. Comparing subjective and objective indicators in patients with psychotic and mood disorders may help to understand whether diagnosis-specific interventions should(More)
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