Nadia Stivaros

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The aim of the investigation was to evaluate which radiographic factors influenced the orthodontists' decision whether to expose or remove an impacted upper permanent canine and was a retrospective, cross-sectional design. The sample consisted of all radiographic records of patients referred to the Orthodontic Department at Manchester University Dental(More)
OBJECTIVE To investigate the effectiveness of early class III protraction facemask treatment in children under 10 years of age. DESIGN Multicentre, randomized controlled trial. SETTING Eight UK hospital orthodontic units. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Seventy-three patients were randomly allocated, stratified for gender, into an early class III protraction(More)
The aim of this trial was to evaluate whether a Nance or Goshgarian palatal arch was most effective for prevention of mesial drift, distal tipping, prevention of mesio-palatal rotation of the upper first permanent molars, and patient comfort and ease of removal. Patients were recruited from a district general hospital and a specialist orthodontic practice(More)
Polymorphous low-grade adenocarcinoma (PLGA) is an uncommon tumour that usually affects the minor salivary glands, particularly in the palate. It is rare in young patients, and here we report a case in a teenage girl. She presented at the age of 16, although the lesion had been noticed 2 years previously. The tumour showed histopathological features of(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate whether patients who had received early class III protraction facemask treatment were less likely to need orthognathic surgery compared with untreated controls. This paper is a 6-year follow-up of a previous clinical trial. DESIGN Multi-centre 2-arm parallel randomized controlled trial. SETTING Eight United Kingdom hospital(More)
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