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Effective improvement in sorghum crop development necessitates a genomics-based approach to identify functional genes and QTLs. Sequenced in 2009, a comprehensive annotation of the sorghum genome and the development of functional genomics resources is key to enable the discovery and deployment of regulatory and metabolic genes and gene networks for crop(More)
With high productivity and stress tolerance, numerous grass genera of the Andropogoneae have emerged as candidates for bioenergy production. To optimize these candidates, research examining the genetic architecture of yield, carbon partitioning, and composition is required to advance breeding objectives. Significant progress has been made developing genetic(More)
One sentence summary: High-throughput measurements of element accumulation and genome-wide association analysis across multiple environments identified novel alleles controlling seed mineral accumulation in Sorghum bicolor. Abstract: Seedling establishment and seed nutritional quality require the sequestration of sufficient mineral nutrients. Identification(More)
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