Nadia Sebbar

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Alkyl substituted aromatics are present in fuels and in the environment because they are major intermediates in the oxidation or combustion of gasoline, jet, and other engine fuels. The major reaction pathways for oxidation of this class of molecules is through loss of a benzyl hydrogen atom on the alkyl group via abstraction reactions. One of the major(More)
Thermochemistry of reactants, intermediates, transition state structures, and products along with kinetics on the association of CH2·C(═O)CH2CH3 (2-butanone-1-yl) with O2 and dissociation of the peroxy adduct isomers are studied. Thermochemical properties are determined using ab initio (G3MP2B3 and G3) composite methods along with density functional theory(More)
There are two values, -26.0 and -27.7 kcal mol(-1), that are routinely reported in literature evaluations for the standard enthalpy of formation, Delta(f) H(o)(298), of formaldehyde (CH(2)=O), where error limits are less than the difference in values. In this study, we summarize the reported literature for formaldehyde enthalpy values based on evaluated(More)
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