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Sensory deprivation and balance control in idiopathic scoliosis adolescent
The present results suggest that AIS, compared to control participants, relies much more on ankle proprioception to control the amplitude of the balance control commands.
Analyzing injuries among university-level athletes: prevalence, patterns and risk factors.
High prevalence and sport-specific injuries observed in university sport should be of concern to athletes, therapists, coaches and sport organizers.
Biomechanical effects of a lumbar support in a mattress.
The results confirm the hypothesis that a lumbar support inserted in a mattress allows a more homogenous distribution of contact pressure over the pelvic,Lumbar and thoracic areas during supine posture.
Conservative management of posterior ankle impingement: a case report.
A protocol including rest, soft tissue therapy, open and closed kinetic chain exercises, sport-specific exercises and cortisone injection appeared to facilitate complete recovery of this patient's posterior ankle impingement.