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Previous studies have suggested that monocytes may play a role in the dissemination of Chlamydia trachomatis, and in establishment of persistent infection with this bacterium. Infection of cultured human peripheral blood monocytes with C. trachomatis serovar K produced persistent, nonproductive infection. Transmission electron microscopy of such infected(More)
Al-Cr-Fe complex metallic alloys are new intermetallic phases with low surface energy, low friction, and high corrosion resistance down to very low pH values (0-2). Flow microcapillary plasma mass spectrometry under potentiostatic control was used to characterize the dynamic aspect of passivation of an Al-Cr-Fe gamma phase in acidic electrolytes, allowing a(More)
The actual paper represents the pathomorphologic changes on martens and foxes hunted in instant killing traps under huntsmanlike conditions. The results are critically discussed concerning the manner of death, the moment of death of the killed animals regarding the relevant legislation.
This report entails a multifaceted approach to benzodiazepine (BZ) action, involving electron affinity, receptors, cell signaling and other aspects. Computations of the electron affinities (EAs) of different BZs have been carried out to establish the effect of various substituents on their EA. These computations were undertaken to serve as a first step in(More)