Nadia Najjar

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As recommender systems have become commonplace to support individual decision making, a need has also been recognized for systems that tailor and provide recommendations to a group of users together rather than individuals alone. Group recommender research to date has focused on evaluating strategies for aggregating profiles of group members to form a(More)
Geovisualization has traditionally played a critical role in analysis and decision-making, but recent developments have also brought a revolution in widespread online access to geographic data and integration tools, particularly for map-based interfaces. This next generation of geovisualization applications is often characterized by high interactivity and(More)
46 AI MAGAZINE Families whose children attend schools that are not mak ing adequate yearly progress (AYP) under the guidelines of the 2001 No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act are granted the legal right to make an important decision—whether to send their child to a different school. When this occurs, school districts must give students the option of moving to a(More)
Group recommendation presents significant challenges in evolving best practice approaches to group modeling, but even moreso in dataset collection for testing and in developing principled evaluation approaches across groups of users. Early research provided more limited, illustrative evaluations for group recommender approaches, but recent work has been(More)
Recommender Systems play a significant role in helping users identify items worthwhile for them to consume. With the increase of adopting such systems a need for systems that help a group of users identify such items for the whole group to consume together has emerged. Early research has focused on strategies that combine individual preferences to generate(More)
This paper presents the participation of the Taaable team to the 2015 Computer Cooking Contest. The Taaable system addresses the mixology and the sandwich challenges. For the mixology challenge, the 2014 Taaable system was extended in two ways. First, a formal concept analysis approach is used to improve the ingredient substitution, which must take into(More)
Case-Based Reasoning has been studied as a methodology to support ratings-based collaborative recommendation, but this predominantly targets the context of an individual end-user. There are, however, many circumstances where several people participating together in a group activity could benefit from recommendations tailored to the group as a whole. Group(More)
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