Nadia Marzocchi

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To assess the role of dopamine metabolism-related genes in the genetic liability to chronic headache with drug abuse (DA). We performed a genetic association study using four functional polymorphisms of the dopamine receptor 4 (DRD4), dopamine transporter (DAT), mono-amino-oxidase A (MAOA) and cathecol-O-methyl-transferase (COMT) genes in 103 patients with(More)
Patients with chronic daily headaches (CDH) bear similarities to drug or substance abuse patients, for whom genetic liability loci have been implicated. We reviewed papers dealing with the metabolic and the genetic aspects of CDH. The relative risk for CDH in first-degree relatives is 2.1- to 3.9-fold increased compared to the general population. Genetic(More)
Clinical studies suggest that hyperhomocysteinemia could be considered an independent risk factor for premature cerebral, peripheral and vascular diseases. A number of authors found an epidemiological correlation between increased risk of cerebrovascular disease and migraine with aura. In this study, 34 patients suffering from migraine with aura and 36(More)
Serotonin is involved in several central nervous system functions including pain threshold, mood regulation and drug reward. Overuse of acute medications is commonly identified as a causative factor for medication overuse headache (MOH). Apparently, MOH shares with other kinds of drug addiction some common neurobiological pathways. The objective of this(More)
A 66–year–old man suffered from a drug–resistant, leftsided headache with autonomic signs, triggered by the supine position. The acromegalic facies initially suggested a possible increase in basal plasma levels of GH, but routine haematological controls excluded abnormal values of GH. Cerebral and facial CT scan and MRI did not detect any alterations in the(More)
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