Nadia Marina Losio

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OBJECTIVES Mercury (Hg), one of the most diffused and hazardous organ-specific environmental contaminants, exists in a wide variety of physical and chemical states, each of which with unique characteristics of target organ specificity. Exposure to Hg vapour and to organic mercurials specifically affects the CNS, while the kidney is the target organ for(More)
The capacity of different preparations of inactivated porcine parvovirus to stimulate antibody response was studied. The adjuvants chosen were aluminium hydroxide gel [Al(OH)3, 30-50%], water-in-mineral-oil emulsion (w/Mo, 50%) alone or combined with Al(OH)3, and two synthetic products known as dimethyldioctadecylammoniumbromide (DDA, 0.16%) and an acrylic(More)
PURPOSE In 2013/2014, Italy experienced one of the largest community-wide prolonged outbreaks of hepatitis A virus (HAV) throughout the country. The article provides a comprehensive description of the outbreak and the investigation carried out by a multidisciplinary National Task Force, in collaboration with regional and local public health authorities.(More)
Hepatitis A virus and Poliovirus 2 inactivation tests were carried out using three peracetic acid concentrations (160, 320 and 640 mg/l) at different pH condition and at +20 degrees C temperature. HAV HM-175 strain was grown in FRhK4 cells and titrated in PFU (plaque technique) and the Poliovirus 2 strain was grown in monkey kidney cells RC-37 and titred in(More)
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