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OBJECTIVE This study was designed to investigate the possible antiplatelet effect of aqueous whole-plant C. aronia syn: Azarolus (L) extract using Wistar albino rats as a model. MATERIALS AND METHODS Forty-two male albino Wistar rats weighing 200 to 250 g were divided into seven groups with six rats in each group. Group 1 served as the control and(More)
BACKGROUND This study was conducted to assess different cellular microparticles (MPs) in thrombocytopenic human immunodeficiency virus type 1 and their significance as disease activity markers. METHODS Thirty-five thrombocytopenic human immunodeficiency diseases and 25 healthy controls with matched age and sex were selected. Viral load was quantitated by(More)
Mutation in IDH1 gene was suggested to be associated with bad prognosis in cytogenetically normal AML (CN-AML). However, there are conflicting data about its prognostic impact. Besides, its prevalence and prognostic significance in Egyptian patients still not fully stated. We aimed to assess the prevalence of IDH1R132 mutation in Egyptian CN-AML patients,(More)
Cellular transferrin receptor 1 (CD71) has been identified as a proliferation marker. Inferior outcome with higher expression was observed in many solid tumors. This study objected to assess the expression of CD71 in patients with acute leukemia and to address its prognostic significance and relations to clinicopathologic features. The study included 34(More)
OBJECTIVE Aberrant activation of transcription factor genes is the most frequent target of genetic alteration in lymphoid malignancies. The lymphoblastic leukemia-derived sequence 1 (LYL1) gene, which encodes a basic helix-loop helix, was first identified with human T-cell acute leukemia. Recent studies suggest its involvement in myeloid malignancies. We(More)
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