Nadia Chambers

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The incidence of violence directed towards nurses is well known. However, despite guidelines and training aimed at preventing or minimizing these incidents, recent reports indicate an increase in their occurrence. This phenomenological study investigated the experiences of five registered nurses who had to manage a violent incident involving an elderly(More)
Teaching and learning are complex activities which, when combined with professional practice-based activity, take on additional dimension and depth. This makes the use of traditional, product-based evaluation problematic in that a purely empirical approach does not facilitate thorough evaluation of every facet of such an encounter. This paper describes the(More)
BACKGROUND Antenatal care is outdated and largely unevaluated. The study practice is committed to involving patients in their own health care. It was decided to use the views of patients to guide a review of antenatal and infant health services. AIM The study, carried out in 1993, was designed to find out what patients' priorities were, and what they(More)
Essence of Care (DoH 2001) developed from a commitment to explore the benefits of benchmarking in improving the quality of the fundamental and essential aspects of care (DoH 1999). The NHS Plan (DoH 2000) reinforced the importance of getting the basics right and improving the patient's experience. During the 18 months since the publication of the Essence of(More)
A follow-up study was conducted of clients who stopped attending 4 family planning clinics in Washington County, Oregon, a predominantly white, middle-class suburban community. Clients had enrolled in the program between 1971-74, and dropped out by April 1975. 29% of the women (746) who were overdue for a return visit by more than 3 months (i.e. inactive(More)