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INTRODUCTION The nonurgent use of the emergency department (ED) for pediatric patients is an increasing problem facing healthcare systems worldwide. To evaluate the magnitude of the phenomenon and to identify associated factors, an observational prospective survey was performed including all patients (<15 years) attending the ED in 12 Belgian hospitals(More)
The evolution of a fracture non-union is complex; treatment strategies are therefore challenging. The use of BMP-7 could be an interesting adjunct. We present an overview of the monitored use of this product in tibial non-unions in Belgium. Our retrospective data covers 53% (62 patients) of the cases in which it was used between 2001 and 2006.(More)
Because it spares many normal tissues and reduces the integral dose, proton therapy (PT) is the preferred tumor irradiation technique for treating childhood cancer. However, to the best of our knowledge, no systematic review of the clinical effectiveness of PT in children has been reported in the scientific literature. A systematic search for clinical(More)
Stakeholders: The following stakeholders contributed to this report during focus group interviews and/or feedback meetings: Acknowledgements: We would like to acknowledge Stephan Devriese for his support with the data demand application and Imgard Vinck for her support with the ethical committee application. Other reported interests: All experts consulted(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if a reduced medical practice reimbursed by the sickness insurance is a proof of medical plethora. Enquiry design : Descriptive observation transverse design. POPULATION The French-speaking general practitioners and specialists questioned in 2003 about their reduced activity volume recorded in 2000 by the National Institute of the(More)
BACKGROUND The planning of human medical resources has been in progress since 1996. The aim of this paper is to describe the process which occurred in Belgium and to point out its assets and limits. METHODS Literature review, analysis of the Belgian legislation at national and community (Flemish and French-speaking) level and analysis of the projection(More)
INTRODUCTION The last few years have seen major changes in the Belgian medical planning. The paper aims to describe them and to assess how they will affect the medical demography. METHOD Grey literature review and federal and federated entities legislation summary. RESULTS A new dynamic register allows a better knowledge of medical workforce in all(More)
BACKGROUND In most Western countries burn centres have been developed to provide acute and critical care for patients with severe burn injuries. Nowadays, those patients have a realistic chance of survival. However severe burn injuries do have a devastating effect on all aspects of a person's life. Therefore a well-organized and specialized aftercare system(More)
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