Nadia B.E. Badr

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Peripheral administration of lipopolysaccharide (LPS), a potent activator of the immune system, induces symptoms of behavioral depression, such as social withdrawal, concommitant with increases in c-Fos expression in central autonomic network nuclei. Previous studies implicated vagal visceral sensory nerves in transduction of immune-related signals relevant(More)
Abundant evidence now supports the idea that multiple pathways or mechanisms underlie communication from the immune system to the brain. The presence of a variety of mechanisms suggests that they may each contribute something different to immunosensory signaling. For instance, brain mediated immune signal transduction is dependent upon the presence of(More)
Previous studies conducted on the hydrography, chemical and biological characteristics of Lake Edku; one of the northern Nile Delta Lakes, concluded that this lake suffered from a high level of eutrophication, due to the heavy load of nutrients, especially phosphorus. Before deciding what type of treatment should be used for decreasing total phosphorous(More)
Aim: The effect of bleaching agent on corrosion behavior and surface roughness of fixed prosthodontics alloys was investigated. Materials and Methods: Ceramo-metal alloys; Au-Pd, Pd-Ag and Ni-Cr, were cast into 60 dicks (5mm diameter and1.3 mm thickness); 20 samples each. Each alloy samples were divided into four equal groups. They underwent bleaching(More)
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