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Nonsense-mediated messenger RNA decay (NMD) is triggered by premature translation termination, but the features distinguishing premature from normal termination are unknown. One model for NMD suggests that decay-inducing factors bound to mRNAs during early processing events are routinely removed by elongating ribosomes but remain associated with mRNAs when(More)
Efficient translation initiation and optimal stability of most eukaryotic messenger RNAs depends on the formation of a closed-loop structure and the resulting synergistic interplay between the 5' m(7)G cap and the 3' poly(A) tail. Evidence of eIF4G and Pab1 interaction supports the notion of a closed-loop mRNP, but the mechanistic events that lead to its(More)
CRISPR-Cas9 technology would be enhanced by the ability to inhibit Cas9 function spatially, temporally, or conditionally. Previously, we discovered small proteins encoded by bacteriophages that inhibit the CRISPR-Cas systems of their host bacteria. These "anti-CRISPRs" were specific to type I CRISPR-Cas systems that do not employ the Cas9 protein. We(More)
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