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The sustainability of any Data Warehouse System (DWS) is closely correlated with user satisfaction. Therefore, analysts, designers and developers focused more on achieving all its functionality, without considering others kinds of requirement such as dependability’s aspects. Moreover, these latter are often considered as properties of the system that will(More)
In the healthcare context, decisions are crucial. Therefore Decision Support Systems must ensure a high level of dependability. In order to justify the required dependability level, its requirements must be addressed seriously during the system life cycle. To overcome this issue, our approach is based on Model Driven Architecture to model dependability(More)
While searching for existing ontologies of dependability, we conducted a study of many scientific papers dealing with the subject. However, the research with traditional methods requires executing a series of manual and repetitive steps. This makes the search a process quite costly and error-prone. To overcome those problems we propose an automatic method(More)
Cloud Computing provides computing resources remotely and on demand. These resources can be infrastructures, platforms, or application software. Whereas Big Data is well known for needing high capacity of both storage and computation's data streams. Thus, dependability must be studied in order to determine the attitude of Cloud systems to complete the(More)
Data Warehouse systems can extract relevant information from a large volume of data. Since the purpose of this information is to facilitate the decision making, it’s important to ensure Dependability of the system which delivers it. Thereby the dependability’s requirements must be taken into account in the early stages of the development process of the Data(More)
The exponential growth of the web and the use of social networks in our area, gave birth to a new concept called digital identity, it's all digital traces that can be left in the internet such as photos and various comments. However, these digital identities are exposed to many dangers such as phishing, fraud, cyber-crime and identity theft. However, with(More)
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