Nadezhda Yarushkina

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We have previously shown that analgesia can be mediated by corticosteroids [2, 5, 6]. The aim of the present work was to address the question of the nature of the relationship between analgesia and corticosteroid levels in the body. The direct actions of hydrocortisone and corticosterone, administered systemically, on pain threshold levels were studied.(More)
The aim of this contribution is to show the opportunities of applying of fuzzy time series models to predict multiple heterogeneous time series, given at International Time Series Forecasting Competition The dataset of this competition includes 91 time series of different length, time frequencies and behaviour. In this paper the framework (algorithm) of(More)
One of the formal technique in Data mining is Formal Concept Analysis (FCA). During preprocessing of a many-valued context many applications of FCA require the partitioning of numerical data attributes into some smaller intervals. Designation of such numerical intervals with linguistic terms without domain experts will help researchers to understand(More)
For modeling of change of terminal server load, the approach including representation of time series of server parameters in the form of fuzzy time series is used. Further in the article the analysis of fuzzy time series is considered. The model of fuzzy tendencies is offered for terminal server traffic modeling. This model reflects change of the volume of(More)
—Qualitative evaluation and comparison of changes of indications of objects having different nature is used by designers, managers, people making decisions (PMD) and experts to make the decisions more reasonable. For suport of such activity on the analysis of changes of data connected with certain dates and time intervals, models of fuzzy time series are(More)
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