Nadezhda V. Markova

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Post-Hartree-Fock ab initio quantum chemical calculations were performed for 5-fluorouracil in the gas phase and in a three-water cluster. Full geometry optimizations of the 5-fluorouracil-water complexes were carried out at the MP2/6-31+G(d,p) level of theory. MP4/6-31+G(d,p)//MP2/6-31+G(d,p) and MP4/6-31++G(d,p)//MP2/6-31+G(d,p) single-point calculations(More)
AIM The parent of xGraptoveria, Graptopetalum paraguayense, is used in Chinese folk medicine for alleviating hepatic disorders, detumescence and detoxication, lowering of blood pressure, inhibition of cancer cells, exerting diuretic effects, relieving pain and infections. No data are available regarding its anti-conjunctivitis effect. The aim of this(More)
The present work reports theoretical and experimental studies on the photophysical properties of two tautomeric forms of 2-carbamido-1,3-indandione (CAID). By means of UV-vis, steady-state and time-dependent fluorescence spectroscopy it is shown that both enol forms, 2-(hydroxylaminomethylidene)-indan-1,3-dione and 2-carboamide-1-hydroxy-3-oxo-indan,(More)
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