Nadezhda Sokolskaya

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Left ventricular aneurysm is one of the most troublesome complications of myocardial infarction. This complication results from LV wall rupture and presents as a cavity contained by pericardium and fragments of the ruptured wall. The risk of pseudoaneurysm rupture is very high and this makes the prognosis for the disease extremely unfavorable. A surgical(More)
A new type of mechanical aortic valve prosthesisTornado-compatible valve (TCV) is worked out basing on the principle of hydrodynamic compatibility with the swirling Tornado-like blood flow present in the heart cavities and main arteries. The design and profile of the TCV were calculated basing on the exact solution of the non stationary hydrodynamic(More)
Non-invasive and easily interpretable methods for assessing cardiac hemodynainic parameters including various echocardiographic technologies are highly valuable diagnostic methods in cardiac surgery patients admitting the intensive care unit in the postoperative period. The article presents echocardiographic features of the myocardial functional state in(More)
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