Nadezhda S Shcherbakova

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The physical and chemical parameters involved in the design and synthesis of biospecifically targeted nanoparticulate contrast media for magnetic resonance molecular imaging (MRMI) were explored in this pilot investigation. Latex nanoparticles 100, 400 and 900 nm in diameter were doubly derivatised, first with tomato lectin and then with(More)
Constructing a vaccine against HIV-1, able to induce production of broadly neutralizing antibodies, is crucial. We report here the selection and characterization of RDWSFDRWSLSEFWL peptide mimotope that binds specifically to bNAbs 2F5. The peptide mimotope was selected from 15-mer phage-displayed peptide library by using Mab 2F5 as the selecting agent. The(More)
The HIV-1 epidemic in Russia is dominated by the former Soviet Union subtype A (A(FSU)) variant, but other genetic forms are circulating in the country. One is the recently described CRF63_02A1, derived from recombination between a CRF02_AG variant circulating in Central Asia and A(FSU), which has spread in the Novosibirsk region, Siberia. Here we(More)
Chromatography of a mixture of phospholipid and Ca-dependent ATPase of sarcoplasmic reticulum solubilized with choleate in a column with anionite results in proteolyposome formation. It was shown that dilution of ATPase with phospholipids makes it possible to reduce the concentration of ATPase in the membrane. Using the bifunctional reagent(More)
The impact of monoclonal antibodies (mAb) biotinylation on the output and the repertoire of selected peptides in the biopanning procedure were tested. A comparative analysis of the peptides selected from phage library using the biotinylated and non-biotinylated mAb 2F5 was performed. It was shown that the output of peptides homologous to the native epitope(More)
q~ Ca-dependent ATPase, responsible for active Ca transport, is the chief protein component of membranes of the sarcoplasmic reticulum (SPR) of fast skeletal muscles. The molecular weight of the catalytic polypeptide of Ca-ATPase is i00,000. Methods of obtaining the catalytically active monomeric form of the enzyme in a solution of detergents have now been(More)
Chromatography of a mixture of phospholipids and Ca-dependent ATPase from sarcoplasmic reticulum solubilized by cholate on a column with anionite results in a formation of proteoliposomes. Using the freeze-fracture technique, it was shown that the density of intramembrane particles in fractured proteoliposomes formed is reversely proportional to the(More)
Sixty preparations of basidiomycetes (Ganoderma, Lentinus, Pleurotus, Laetiporus, Polyporus, Inonotus, Flammulina, Grifola, Trametes) were investigated with respect to their toxicity for Vero cells and antiviral activity. The antiviral activity was estimated with the use of the West Nile virus and type 2 Herpes simplex. It was shown that 11 preparations of(More)