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The far-red fluorescent protein mKate (lambda(ex), 588 nm; lambda(em), 635 nm; chromophore-forming triad Met(63)-Tyr(64)-Gly(65)), originating from wild-type red fluorescent progenitor eqFP578 (sea anemone Entacmaea quadricolor), is monomeric and characterized by the pronounced pH dependence of fluorescence, relatively high brightness, and high(More)
The three-dimensional structures of the wild-type red (zRFP574) and green (zGFP506) fluorescent proteins (FP) from the button polyp Zoanthus have been determined at 1.51 and 2.2 A resolution, respectively. In addition, the crystal structures of a zGFP506 variant (zGFP506_N66D) with replacement of the first chromophore-forming residue (Asn66 to Asp) have(More)
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