Nadezhda L Aseeva

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Four new species of Ceratomyxa were found during parasitological studies of fish caught in shallow areas of Peter the Great Bay, Russia. Two of them (C. aspera n. sp. and C. durusa n. sp.) were found in the gall bladders of the flounders Limanda aspera and L. herzensteini. The third species (C. azonusi n. sp.) infected the gall bladder of the greenling(More)
The trophic status of Okhotsk and Gizhiga-Kamchatka herring populations is defined more accurately through the analysis of their diet and ratios of stable nitrogen and carbon isotopes based on materials of trawl catches in the Sea of Okhotsk for the period from 2003 to 2010. The possibility of applying isotope analysis to the study of the stock(More)
Comparison of myxosporidian species compositions in different flatfish species fro Peter the Great Bay showed that the flatfishes should be divided into three ecological groups--deep water (scaly-eyed plaice Acanthopsetta nadeshnyi, Korean flounder Glyptocephalus stelleri, flatheaded flounder Hippoglossoides dubius, and pinewood flounder Cleisthenes(More)
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