Nadezhda K Ryzhakova

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This paper describes a new method for determining the basic parameters of soil - diffusion and emanation coefficients related to the transfer of radon in the soil matrix, which are very useful for testing models, based on diffusion and characteristics of various soil matrices regarding the dangers of radon. The method is based on the measurement of radon in(More)
Upon long-term exposure, the radioactive gas radon-222 and its decay products in increased doses adversely affect human health. Since the human being spends about 65% of his time in the buildings, it is necessary to evaluate air radiation purity in the rooms, which can be obtained by making a sanitary radiological survey of residential buildings. The scope(More)
The paper analyzes the values used in the assessment of radon potential of territories. It was shown that the most reliable criterion in the assessment of radon risk of territories can be the value of radon activity concentration fixed at large depths. The authors proposed a simple method to assess this value and radon flux density from the soil surface,(More)
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