Nadezhda I. Shabnova

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The extent of damage caused to the photosynthetic machinery of 10-d-old wheat seedlings by short-term exposure to mild heat, their capacity to recover from it and the possible roles of H2O2, SOD,(More)
The nature of photosynthetic recovery was investigated in 10-d-old wheat (Triticum aestivum L., cv. Moskovskaya-35) seedlings exposed to temperatures of 40 and 42 degrees C for 20 min and to(More)
The dynamics of development of oxidative stress and poststress recovery of the photosynthetic apparatus in leaves of 10-day-old wheat seedlings subjected to heat shock (40, 42, and 44°C) for 20 min(More)
It is shown that pretreatment of wheat seeds with chlorocholine chloride reduces inhibition of photosystem 2 activity in the first leaves of 10-day-old wheat variety Moskovskaya 35 seedlings caused(More)
This paper studies how UV-A irradiation and preirradiation of 10-day lettuce seedlings (Lactuca sativa L.) with red light (λmax = 664 nm, 10 min, 1 W m−2) affect the activity of the photosynthetic(More)
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